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CARE - Cell Groups

Grace Church has a strong conviction that God has called us to "Be the Church" through small groups we call CARE Groups or Cell Groups.  In these small groups which all currently meet on Wednesdays at different times throughout the day, we believe there is an environment where people can be reached for Christ, discipled to Christ, and loved by Christ.  We are so excited about what the Lord has done in the existing small groups.  Many have come to true faith in Christ who might never have otherwise walked in our worship building.  Many are being discipled now to learn to mature in their faith.  We also enjoy the fellowship time that these groups offer for us.  Grace Church is a loving group of believers and I know that you too would be loved here.  If you would like more information concerning these Cell Groups or if you would like to learn how to be involved in one today you can contact Steve Sullivan via email at ssullivan@bethechurchgrace.org.

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